Inspiring Women of WIPP

Inspiring Women of WIPP

For Women’s History Month, we asked WIPP employees to honor a co-worker by sharing what inspires them about this individual. Here are some of the amazing NWP and subcontractor employees we are privileged to work with at WIPP.


Amy Anaya
Training Instructor

 Amy brings her energetic personality to the classroom, inspiring participation from her audience to produce an interactive experience. I believe this improves comprehension and retention, resulting in a more safety conscious work environment. She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to share her experience with anyone with a questioning attitude. Amy is an asset to the Training group and to WIPP.

 ~ Nominated by Mars Dukes


Tacy Bourque
Regulatory Analyst

 Tacy has shown courage, perseverance, strength and dedication through the past few years. She has been met with many personal and medical obstacles on top of taking on a newborn grandchild in a short amount of time. Through all these challenges, Tacy also took on a new position and took on learning new areas of performance. During the height of the pandemic when many of us were teleworking, Tacy continued to commute to a location where she could access the internet. She has remained a dedicated, responsible and reliable employee of NWP and has been an inspiration to me and many others.

~ Nominated by Carmen Fannin


Shalaine Britain
Conduct of Ops Manager

Shalaine inspires me because she is multi-talented, exceptionally sharp, a critical thinker and a problem solver. She has recognized her potential and maximized opportunities to get where she is today. She is a go getter who tackles projects and challenges with enthusiasm. Shalaine is impressive all the way around and a great asset to the company!

~ Nominated by Deana Pearce


Joy James-Foster
Tours & Special Events Coordinator

 Not many know, but Joy actually holds six degrees, with her highest level of education being a doctorate degree in theory, practice and policy studies, with a concentration in molecular and evolutionary biology from the University of Tennessee. Joy is continuously looking for trainings or classes to improve herself and is a prime example that knowledge really is power. She is involved with the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Foundation in Carlsbad and has even been the keynote speaker during the annual MLK celebration. More than anything, she always has a great outlook and tries to remain as positive as possible. She truly is a great pleasure to work with and a true role model for all women everywhere.

~ Nominated by Maelene Soto


Marty Gonzales
Project Services Manager

 Marty Gonzales seems to never be too busy. She has so much on her plate but always has time to answer questions and give advice when need be. She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help out when necessary, as she did with the latest IFMS upgrade I was involved in. She never lacks in confidence and is extremely knowledgeable in contracts and can recite excerpts from the FAR at a drop of the hat. She is a great person to talk to and can make you laugh even in the most stressful of situations.

~ Nominated by Alisa West


Sidney Harper
RES Engineering Support Tech

Sidney inspires me because of her contagious, generous heart for others. While working and attending school full time, she somehow still finds the time to lend a helping hand and never fails to make her family, friends and coworkers feel loved.

~ Nominated by Tori Judah


Pam Hester
Chief Financial Officer
Pam is an inspiration to me because she is the epitome of a strong woman. She portrays integrity in her position as CFO. She motivates her team and expresses gratitude to those who work alongside her. Not only does she lead the Business Assurance group with agility, but all the while she manages her personal life with grace, ensuring her family is taken care of. She demonstrates how a woman should excel in her roles in the workplace, as well as her roles out
of the workplace.

~ Nominated by Leslie Aragon


Jackie Hulse
CCP VE Expert (LLNL)

Jackie is not afraid to take on a challenge. She came on board with CCP to support our program as the Visual Examination (VE) Expert. She moved from Idaho to California, which showed me how strong and determined she is. She is very dedicated to doing her job at a high level of performance. When the work gets tough, she pushes through to be successful. She knows that challenging work only comes to those who can handle it. She is not afraid to take on new challenges, as demonstrated by her willingness to support our program. She is a true asset to the team.

~ Nominated by Bill Verlanic


Andrea Kelly
General Ledger Accountant

Andrea is very hard working and never misses a deliverable or a due date to submit costs. She is very conscientious and detailed oriented, which is so helpful when explaining our processes to various auditors. She is a true asset to our accounting organization. She is married and a proud mom of two children, and she is very involved with their various sports activities.

~ Nominated by Alisa West


Misty Long
Training Instructor

Misty is the first person new employees receive training from when they join the WIPP team. Her continuous effort and dedication to providing all WIPP employees with effective training overflows to every individual, ensuring they have the site knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs. Her dedication to the site does not stop there, as she is not only a team member on the WIPP Mine Rescue Team, but also the only woman that is currently volunteering time to the team. Outside of work, Misty is helping mold tomorrow’s leaders by coaching the Cavegirl soccer team, which she has led to several district titles and two state championship trips, one of which she won.

~ Nominated by Paulette Henry & Devon Long


Nichole Lundgard
Engineering Manager

Nichole always walks with her head held high and exuberates confidence wherever she goes. Nichole is not only motivated to reach her own goals, but goes out of her way to ensure her team has the resources they need to be able to reach theirs. There isn’t a moment when she is afraid to speak up for herself and her team, which exemplifies a great leader. She has taught me how to carry myself, both professionally and personally. “To be ‘in charge’ is certainly not only to carry out the proper measures yourself, but to see that everyone else does so, too.” ~ Mary Wollstonecraft

~ Nominated by Jessica Nordby


Amanda Methola
Shaft Tender

Amanda is always willing to do her job. She’s a fast learner and shows up every day. She’s not afraid to join in and help with everyday tasks.

~ Nominated by John Miller


Mary Ann Mullins
Regulatory Assurance Analyst 

Mary Ann has always been a very positive woman. I’ve not seen Mary Ann angry or upset. She is always smiling and greeting you like you’re family.

~ Nominated by Rosemary Sahd


Mak Walker
Sr. Administrative Specialist

Mak knows where everything is, and it is very essential for Engineering to have her for the support that she gives unconditionally. Mak strives to help keep us going by knowing where
to go and how to obtain information and set us up for the necessary training required to keep us qualified to perform our work. She never has excuses or says that she doesn’t know. She just does it and/or gets the needed information.

~ Nominated by Jack Pearson


Alisa West
Financial Planning Manager

Alisa is intelligent and hardworking and has a loving spirit. She inspires me to be the best I can be. I admire her strength, work ethic and compassion. Alisa is never shy to lend a helping hand and does each task with a positive attitude.

~ Nominated by Gaby Morrison


Jewell Yturralde
CCP Records Manager

Jewell is very professional, patient and caring. She often puts others first before her own needs. She is always considerate of other’s needs and is the first to lend a helping hand. She is a great manager who always goes above and beyond.

~ Nominated by Shirley Esquivel