Bringing Shade to Carlsbad

NWP shade structure

Bringing Shade to Carlsbad

If you have not done so lately, drive by the Beach area to check out all of the new developments taking place. In addition to the volleyball court going in and the new gazebo, there’s a row of large shade structures in the upper beach area in front of the water park. The City is soon going to put picnic tables under these structures. You’ve probably seen similar shade structures going up at parks and playgrounds around town.

This was originally an idea suggested to us by residents on Facebook. Nuclear Waste Partnership agreed to be our partner on this project, and we’ve been adding shade all over town ever since. These structures are beneficial year-round, but especially help keep people safe in the summer.

Thanks to Sean Dunagan and Nuclear Waste Partnership for being so incredibly supportive on this community project.

NWP’s recent community contributions also include $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club to assist with infrastructure improvements, $15,000 to area school districts to assist with technology upgrades and $5,000 to the Inspired by Science Winter Online STEM Camp. Overall, the company gave out $500,000 last year.

Dale Janway
Mayor, City of Carlsbad